Your workforce can be your most valuable asset or greatest liability.

Get it right with Logosoft’s proven modules designed to streamline virtually all personnel-related processes from recruitment and screening, through manpower scheduling and real-time capture of time and attendance data, to automated links to payroll and billing systems.

Our products have unrivalled efficiency and safety benefits for a number of market sectors, including security, public sector, facilities management and field maintenance. Just contact us with your problem and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Our Modules

A complete management information system and manpower scheduling tool to plan and run businesses employing a significant workforce.

A real-time shift management solution permitting progress and alerts to be monitored through a single screen.

A smartphone app used for automatic call logging within a geo-fenced radius.

An automatic call logging solution to handle book on/off and check call activity and support Control Room operations.

A web portal and smartphone app providing employee and client access to key operational data from the Roster Manager database.

WebeX PLUS automates time-consuming manual tasks such as reporting and updating employee information.

A feature rich real-time patrol management solution utilising the latest smartphone technology to monitor service delivery and ensure lone worker safety.

An integration product permitting the accurate and effortless transfer of payroll data from Roster Manager to popular payroll packages.

An integration product permitting the accurate and effortless transfer of billing data from Roster Manager to popular accounts packages.

A fully integrated biometric solution permitting real-time identity confirmation and time and attendance data capture.

A productivity tool for Vetting or Recruitment Manager permitting the capture of applicant data such as employment and residential history through user defined online forms.

A comprehensive recruitment solution, designed to support and control any employment process from vacancy definition to formal job offer.

A complete solution to manage pre-employment screening and background checking processes and ensure compliance with required standards.

A web portal providing client access to screening progress data from the Vetting Manager database.

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