Patrol Manager

Patrol Manager offers a complete solution to any guarding company wishing to establish the Who, Where and When of Officers (including mobile patrols) for the most discerning customers. Logosoft's Patrol Manager uses the latest smartphone technology, communicating in real-time with the Logosoft database, and publishing key operation data to the Client Portal ensuring peace of mind for clients who wish to monitor service delivery.

  • Eliminates fraudulent timesheets by ensuring that book on, book off and check calls are received from a validated point of presence as they are made
  • New site instructions can be automatically transmitted to guards when they are in the relevant locality
  • Offers complete peace of mind to Customers requiring proof of service and details of incidents captured in real-time
  • Full Compliance with employers ‘Duty of Care for Lone Workers’ legislation through constant monitoring and built-in duress alarm facility
  • Eliminates time consuming queries with guaranteed integration to payroll and invoicing
  • No requirement for manual timesheets, so no tiresome checking required
  • Total control with comprehensive, fully auditable, analysis and management reporting
  • Fully functional mobile phone utilising the latest RFID technology
  • Standard Mobile phone tariffs
  • GPRS enabled for full 2 way workforce communication
  • Full audit trail and integration with back office systems
  • GPS tracking, map the patrol route taken
  • Photographic evidence available for incident reporting
  • Secure tamperproof ‘tags’
  • Password protected auditable handsets for authorised use only
  • Real time who, where and when details
  • Location related instructions and information activated by tag
  • Check lists prompted by tag activity
  • Man-down alert based on preconfigured 'zero activity' parameters
We have relied on Logosoft’s software since purchasing in 2005. Logosoft ensures that we are compliant with industry standards and streamlines our internal processes. We are able to confidently vet and schedule employees knowing that the software’s fail-safe checks are in place...
Cecil Bernard, Operations Director, CB Security
We have been using Logosoft since 1999 – and during this period the system has supported Kingdom through major organisational growth, proving to be a robust and scalable solution in meeting our (and the industry’s) changing requirements over the years...
Rob Barton, Kingdom Services Group
I would recommend Logosoft to any business that spends too much time rostering, contacting on-duty staff or gathering data to run invoice or pay routines. Logosoft’s products have changed a complex set of manual procedures into a few seconds work.
Mark Edwards, Senior Operations Manager, AP Security
We have used Logosoft for longer than 18 years...working with Logosoft has ensured we are able to keep an effective operational edge and utilise all of our assets effectively.
Dirk Wilson, Managing Director, Sector Security Services
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