Logosoft produces some of the most powerful, comprehensive and flexible software tools available.

However, as any craftsman will confirm, acquiring the tools does not give you the necessary knowledge and skills to use them effectively. With over 30 years experience of delivering solutions to the manned guarding sector, we are uniquely placed to advise on best practice in the use of technology to manage and support your business.

Our experience is available to customers in the form of a fixed price ‘System Health Check’, including up to one day’s on-site consultancy to review current practices, procedures and workflows, followed by presentation of a report identifying problems and opportunities and making clear recommendations in respect of any actions required. Logosoft also provide long-term consultancy projects to customers in the security industry. As leading providers of workforce management solutions, long-standing members of the BSIA and active participants in the market for over thirty years, Logosoft’s understanding of the industry is exceptional.

We have relied on Logosoft’s software since purchasing in 2005. Logosoft ensures that we are compliant with industry standards and streamlines our internal processes. We are able to confidently vet and schedule employees knowing that the software’s fail-safe checks are in place...
Cecil Bernard, Operations Director, CB Security
We have been using Logosoft since 1999 – and during this period the system has supported Kingdom through major organisational growth, proving to be a robust and scalable solution in meeting our (and the industry’s) changing requirements over the years...
Rob Barton, Kingdom Services Group
I would recommend Logosoft to any business that spends too much time rostering, contacting on-duty staff or gathering data to run invoice or pay routines. Logosoft’s products have changed a complex set of manual procedures into a few seconds work.
Mark Edwards, Senior Operations Manager, AP Security
We have used Logosoft for longer than 18 years...working with Logosoft has ensured we are able to keep an effective operational edge and utilise all of our assets effectively.
Dirk Wilson, Managing Director, Sector Security Services
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